Prevent Leaks With a Strong Roof

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A leaky roof can result in serious water damage inside your property. If your roof is worn-out, you should get repairs or a replacement to prevent further issues. Turn to All Star Builders & Construction for reliable roofing services. You can count on us for roof installations on new homes. We also offer our services to business owners. We have plenty of experience working with rubber roofs.

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3 signs that you need a roof replacement

3 signs that you need a roof replacement

It's important to replace your roof before it causes serious damage to your home or compromises your safety. Some signs that you need a replacement include:

  1. Exposed areas due to missing shingles
  2. Dark spots from algae buildup
  3. Sunlight peeking through in your attic

Any shingle roof that's over 25 years old is reaching the end of its life expectancy and should be replaced. Call us today at 607-760-5669 if you need a new roof.